Cuprum Coin ‘CUC’: The Cryptocurrency of the Future – Introduction

February 01, 2022.

On October 8th 2021 Cuprum Coin s.l.l.c. launched the successful pre-sale phase of its commodity-backed cryptocurrency, with an underlying asset worth over US$60 Billion, and attracted 14,000 registered users until November 26th.

The company’s primary goal is to create a common ultra-fine high purity copper powder marketplace by providing a blockchain-based-enabled cryptocurrency trading platform. 

Due to material (copper) costs and the challenging manufacturing process, ultra-fine copper powder is considered one of the most valuable materials in the world. Its primary use is in the aerospace industry and space programs (Cu-W or Copper-Tungsten Bimetal composite production) and medicine (production of radioisotope Zn-62 and isotope Cu-64 for cancer diagnosis and treatment).

In most cases, ultra-fine copper powder ends up in bank vaults as loan collateral. Due to its specific and publicly inaccessible end users, its use in the financial world is limited to privileged institutions.

As it is not classified as a financial instrument, interested parties like retail traders, private investors, and investment firms cannot participate in the market, and the product (ultra-fine copper) cannot have an official and realistic price.

That’s why  Cuprum Coin is a straightforward solution to the non-existing market. It offers the best way of presenting your money through the use of a featured digital commodity. Despite Cuprum Coin is based on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), it can meet all classic commodities criteria like Gold or Silver and traditional fiat currencies.

By estimations, the demand for ultra-fine copper powder will stay stable and remain uncompromised with an 8 to 12 percent expected annual growth rate.

Another essential piece of information is that this project is built on TEZOS.


Tezos is a perfect alternative platform for developing an eco-friendly blockchain environment. Its proof-of-stake needs less cost of operation and less energy than proof-of-work blockchains such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. As Cuprum Coin is not a token, but a coin, i.e., altcoin built on Tezos, the Founder/CEO has decided to create their own Blockchain Explorer.

As TEZOs is open source, its applications and asset platforms can develop and upgrade themselves. Core protocol upgrades are governed by stakeholders like the amendment process.

Institutional grade security

Tezos is made to offer code correctness and safety required for assets together with high-value use scenarios for both application layer and protocol. It facilitates formal verification similar to the practices spanning from aerospace and nuclear to semiconductor and mission-critical industries. Tezos is considered the leading proof-of-stake blockchain contract.

Where to buy CUC?

The pre-sale phase of theCuprum Coin is still ongoing, with Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) as a purchase option on the official Cuprum Coin trading platform. The anticipated duration for the pre-sale phase is until the IEO market placement, which is planned for the end of February 2022. Company has already signed contracts with 3 exchanges and have one more in negotiations for the IEO listing. The contracts prevent the company from revealing any names so far, but it will be officially published during February.

The pre-sale phase of Cuprum Coin

  • Purchase option: Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • Quantity: 250,000 coins
  • Start: ongoing from 8th October in 2 rounds
  • Price for 1 CUC: $10.00 (10 U.S. dollars)
  • Duration: until the IEO

IEO (Initial Exchange Offer)

  • Purchase option: Based on the crypto exchange rules
  • Quantity: 250,000 coins
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Starting time: February 20-25
  • Price for 1 CUC: $15.00 (Fifteen U.S. dollars)

The open market – exchange

  • Purchase option: 4 pairs
  • Minimum quantity: Based on market demand
  • Start time: Immediately after the IEO completion
  • Starting price for 1 CUC: $25.00 (Twenty-five U.S. dollars)

Cuprum Coin specifications

  • Underlying assets value: $30 Billion
  • Ticker: CUC
  • Emission rate:
  • Maximum Supply (created): 300 million CUPRUM COINs

Company CUPRUM COIN and the Team

Behind the Cuprum Coin project is a crypto company CUPRUM COIN s.l.l.c from Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Founder and CEO is Mario Urlic, a well-known stock, forex, and commodity trader. Overall, the team combines 170 years of professional experience from various sectors like; Trading, Technical Analysis, Asset and Investment Management, ICT industry, Marketing, and Security.

On January 1st, the company revealed security storage documents on its website. Although some details are redacted (due to security measures), it is evident that Cuprum Coin has physical assets worth over US$ 30 billion in Germany, for which the company pays a 5-figure sum in safekeeping fees every month. Institutional investors are welcome to arrange visits to our safekeeping facilities (pending COVID-19 safety measures in Germany).

Cuprum Coin Premium, which has secured another US$30 billion of value, is planned for a release later this year.

In a few days, the company will launch mobile apps for Android and iOS. Visit the official Cuprum Coin website and find out all about The Cryptocurrency of the Future.

The next generation crypto world.

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