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Due to the delay in launch, we will reward each pre-sale investor with an additional 10% CUC’s.

Given the quantity sold in pre-sale and the fact that the starting price of CUC in the market will be 25.00 US dollars, our total reward is worth min. 400,000 usd.

We are trying to find a solution with the development team to automatically distribute the additional quantity, details will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, our development team with the exchange tech teams is in the final stages of integration. We had minor problems due to different technical conditions of the exchanges, so we had to prepare them and yesterday we successfully handed them over to the exchanges.

We are also expecting official announcements of the launch of CUC on the market in the coming days.

As for the Cuprum Coin BlockExplorer, it is almost fully functional, we are still working on some minor details.

We greatly appreciate all of our pre-sale investors and hope that our move is a show of respect.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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