Take a look at the prices at which our CEO exchanged the received BTC’s and ETH’s from the CUC pre-sale for USDT

Do you know that our CEO, Mario Urlić is one of the best regional fundamental and technical analysts? Many of you likely do not know that for years he did analysis the stock market, later the foreign exchange market, and educated retail forex traders for free, while also providing research to brokers and large institutional investors.

With 17 years of experience behind him, in the stock, forex, and commodity markets he made the Cuprum Coin project in 2021.

Accurately predicting the movement of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Cuprum Coin pre-sale was launched during the highest historical prices for both cryptocurrencies, which it decided to exchange for CUC, from October 08, until November 26, 2021.

BTC Price during CUC presale – Graph from May 30

Pre-sale period on the Bitcoin graph – Graph date May 30, 2022

But, to make the situation even better for the complete project, anticipating a further stronger market decline, he exchanged the received Bitcoins and Ethereum for a stable cryptocurrency Tether every few days.

When asked by the team how he predicted the exact top price, he said only that he noticed a possible classic “Head & Shoulders” technical formation on Bitcoin, while on the fundamental side he expected interest rates to be raised by central banks during 2022, whose moves he followed for years trading in the forex market. Those moves from the central banks were the main trigger for the long-term movement of currencies.

Given all the current events in the crypto market, he decided to show us here the result of the change of Bitcoin and Ethereum for Tether during the pre-sale of Cuprum Coin. So it turns out that our CEO exchanged BTC for Tether (USDT) at an average price of approx. $60,000, while ETH exchanged for Tether (USDT) was at an average price of approx. $4,000. Only 2 minor changes were back to ETH for the costs paid in ETH at the time.
In this way, he kept the pre-sale value of CUC at a very high level, in order to be able to finance all upcoming costs, from secure storage and high monthly costs, to listing CUCs on the exchanges, as well as all further technical development of the project.

BTC/CUC presale – BTC converted to USDT

CUC presale converted BTC to USDT

ETH/CUC presale – ETH converted to USDT

CUC presale converted ETH to USDT

Imagine how much money would have been lost if our CEO had not reacted in a timely manner in this way. Despite many predictions by various crypto experts that the Bitcoin price would reach $100,000 in 2021/2022, Mario followed his instinct and he was right. Therefore, trust our CEO in making decisions for our Cuprum Coin project, as they are certainly by far the best for all investors and us, the team members.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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