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Bitforex will launch CUC via IEO on August 8, while Bitforex and WhiteBIT will launch CUC on the secondary market on August 16.

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Dear fans of Cuprum Coin,

As we wrote two days ago, we are proud to announce the release date of our CUC. The launch starts (so far confirmed) with Bitforex exchange on August 8 via the IEO offer. The IEO will last only 7 days, until August 15.
As announced from the beginning, the fixed price of 1 CUC in the IEO will be 15.00 US dollars.

After the completion of the IEO offer, there will be a (so far confirmed) coordinated launch on the secondary market via Bitforex and WhiteBIT exchange on August 16th.
The initial launch price will be as announced from the start, 25.00 USDT for 1 CUC.

The announcement of the exchanges follows, and all details and rules about the launch will be announced in the coming days.

We’re still working on completing the integration with other exchanges to join the launch.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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