Cuprum Coin; Legal Opinion (CUC LO)

Cuprum Coin, legal oppinion.

Dear fans of Cuprum Coin,

Although we will publish the legal opinion (CUC LO) on our website, we would like to present it here so that you can better understand the current concept, considering that we have been launched via IEO on the Bitforex exchange since August 8.

Given that there could be various legal questions regarding Cuprum Coin from new users/buyers, the legal opinion explained why we are classified as a utility coin and not a security coin under the current concept, even though it has an underlying asset behind it as a guarantee of value. We will see if there will be a change at later stages, but for now and until further notice, CUC remains a utility coin.

All exchanges have accepted CUC as such and are expressing more and more daily desire to list it as such. We are pleased with the interest of several exchanges from the Top 10; we are looking forward to new placements soon.

We have some minor changes in the new version, not essential to the concept, so we will publish the new version on the website soon.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

CUPRUM COIN Legal Opinion – CUC LO

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