Last night, our team resubmitted the application to Binance after 9 months. What’s the difference now? Here are the transparent details.

Space Shuttle In The Rays Of Sun. 3D Illustration. Cuprum Coin to Binance application.

Dear users and fans of Cuprum Coin,

Some of you remember that last year, on November 13, 2021, we sent an application to list CUC on Binance. We didn’t get an answer from Binance, but we know precisely why – because that application was not complete, nor did it show the commitment of CUC to be listed on such a serious exchange. When we look back nine months and the situation then, we can freely say that we didn’t have even 20% of the required conditions from the Binance.

Although we could send the application again after a month, we waited nine months for the next one, which we sent yesterday evening. We wanted everything to be at 100% per the requirements of the Binance exchange from the previous application.

Although we currently have as many as 15 new offers from exchanges, which we have already mentioned to list CUC, among which most are in the Top20, some even from the Top10, we decided first to try to come to Binance, the best in the world because CUC deserves it according to its characteristics and values.

What are our chances now, and what are the changes in the application months later? Although below you can review the original application and some details, we will briefly describe the main differences from 9 months ago, after the pre-sale.

1) CUC has a complete independent, native blockchain
2) CUC has its blockchain explorer
3) CUC has LO, which proves that we are not a security coin according to the current concept
4) CUC is a mainet coin
5) CUC is already listed on 2 exchanges, Bitforex and WhiteBIT
6) CUC has all the proper documents to prove the assets value guarantee for over $60 billion

Will Binance accept us this time? We cannot know for sure, but we believe that we have met all the conditions for CUC to be part of the world’s largest crypto exchange and community. CUC certainly deserves it.

CUC to Binance – Listing application, an update

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

5 thoughts on “Last night, our team resubmitted the application to Binance after 9 months. What’s the difference now? Here are the transparent details.

  1. Das wäre der richtige Schritt. Ich bin aus dem Vorverkauf und habe nichts anderes erwartet. Die Verzögerung war etwas nervig aber wenn dadurch alles reibungslos läuft, dann war es das Wert.
    Nun drücke ich die Daumen für Binance und für das Projekt generell.

    Eine Roadmap wäre noch schön um zukünftige Projekte zu sehen. Keine genauen Zeitangaben. Eher quartalsweise wäre wirklich schön.
    Viel Erfolg für alle.

  2. Have you had feedback from binance or a timeframe in which they would respond ?

    What is the correlation between the copper price and CUC cuprum?

    1. Hi Christiaan,
      No, we haven’t heard back from Binance yet, but I think it was for a reason due to the unfinished ECO system. The new ECO system and the connection of CUC with the underlying asset was published today, so see the details in the new whitepaper.

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