Cuprum Coin is preparing a system to track all CUC wallets in circulation. Check out the details.

Dear users and fans of Cuprum Coin,

Considering the changes announced 2 days ago by our founder and CEO, Mario Urlić, we can confirm that our development team is already working on the details to make all CUC wallets in circulation transparent.
Before we publish them in a few days in our Whitepaper, we present you all the details here.

With a slightly rearranged CUC Tokenomics, which will also be released, this is how the CUCs circulation supply will look like.

Details; CUCs in circulation

So, after checking with exchanges and advisors, this is how the CUC Circulating Supply will look like in details:

  1. Wallet 1, CUC Asset – 50% or 150.000.000 CUC’s
  2. Wallet 2, CUC Team – 10% or 30.000.000 CUC’s
  3. Wallet 3, CUC Operational – 9,9% or 29.700.000 CUC’s
  4. Wallet 4, CUC Company – 3% or 9.000.000 CUC’s
  5. Wallet 5, CUC Founder – 2% or 6.000.000 CUC’s
  6. Wallet 6, Seed and Presale investors – 0,10% or 300,000 CUCs minus allready transfered to the exchange

This is how the total number of CUCs in circulation at this moment will be 225.000.000 CUCs (Two hundred and twenty five million), or 75% of the max. supply.

Important note. By signing the contract with the partner, our CEO ensured that all CUCs in circulation, which include all his (Assets) CUCs and all team CUCs, in total 60%, can only be sold by the Cuprum Coin company in cooperation with the exchanges and a professional market maker, our partner BR Group. In this way, the market cannot be flooded with too many CUCs for sale and they will be sold only according to the demand.

Details; CUCs not in circulation

Wallet 7, CUC remaining, not in circulation as follows:

  • New assets – 10% or 30.000.000 CUC’s
  • Company Cuprum Coin – 5% or 15.000.000 CUC’s
  • Founder – 5% or 15.000.000 CUC’s
  • Partnerships – 2,5% or 7.500.000 CUC’s
  • Reserves – 2,5% or 7.500.000 CUC’s

This is how the total number of CUCs which are not currently in the circulation will be 75.000.000 CUCs (Seventy-five million), or 25% of the max. supply.

Considering the number of CUCs in circulation, the CUC Market Cap. at today’s average price of 5.150 USDT (3% of the value), it will be 1.15 Billion U.S. dollars (One Billion and one hundred and fifty Million US dollars.) This will place CUC among the Top 60 global cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

We believe that during the next week we will have the API documentation ready, and the CUC wallets arranged, so that we could submit everything for review to the analytical sites like CoinGecko and others. We want to have all the details officially as soon as possible so that our CUC can get a ranking number.

We hope that each of our next steps will give concrete additional value to the already valuable Cuprum Coin. In addition to this, our CEO has already prepared details that will show how the CUC is connected to the underlying asset and how it is calculated. The details are already included in the new whitepaper, which will be published soon.

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