Revised Whitepaper, with rearranged tokenomics, circulating supply and ECO system

As our CEO Mario Urlić announced the important changes 4 days ago, and with the already explained details of the CUC circulating supply 2 days ago, in the revised Whitepaper we present to you minimally redistributed tokenomics, which was previously published in a different context.

In addition to it, in the whitepaper, we present circulating supply, which was not presented in the previous edition, but also the new ECO system, which explains the connection between the underlying asset and the CUC.

We believe that all changes contribute to greater trust in our CUC, provide complete transparency, and create a new project base with concrete value. We are sure that you are satisfied with the speed of these important changes, which were made in just 4 days from the decision.

Given that our development team is working on a system to make the circulating supply and its changes publicly available, soon we expect the ranking of our CUC on analytical pages, which will additionally show the size of this project, at very low market prices and the market valuation of our Cuprum Coin.

We will continue to take big steps forward.

New Whitepaper will be uploaded on the website next week with the design changes.

CUC Whitepaper – Update September 6, 2022

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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