CUC & WhiteBIT ‘Smart Staking plan’; for 90 days earn 10%

Dear Cuprum Coin users and fans,

In order to provide the best possible conditions and ensure you additional earnings with our CUC, in cooperation with the WhiteBIT exchange, we offer you to stake CUC for 90 days and to earn an additional 10% of CUCs.

Our new SMART Staking plan with CUC offers you to enjoy life while the money comes to you by itself. Hold CUC for 90 days and get up to 10% of earnings.

Relax while your pockets fill up!

Stake CUC in 3 steps!

BTC 90 days +6%

ETH 90 days +6%

USDT 90 days +6%

CUC 90 days +10%

Minimum holding is set to 10 CUC’s, while the max. number is 545 CUC’s in the moment at the current price. In general, the max. amount for staking is set at $2,500 equivalent in CUCs.

Our tech team is working on a final solutions, and by the end of the week, we will restart the CUC withdrawals from your dashboard.

CUPRUM COIN, Thy Cryptocurrency of the future.

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