Proof of value of CUC’s underlying asset, exclusive presentation

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Dear Cuprum Coin users and fans,

We are moving strongly forward with ‘small’ steps, so after yesterday’s presentation of the new ECO system, today we present to you proof of the value of CUCs underlying asset and certain details that we consider very important for transparency.

As a proof of value, we currently have only three SKR documents on our website. Due to the change in the ECO system, we will have to rearrange it a bit, and throw out part of it at the moment.

Therefore, currently in this new document “CUC – Proof of Value” you can see the analysis as well as the valuation of our underlying asset for the current 10800 kg in two parts, as well as the monthly security storage bills/payments.

We also need to make new SKR documents because our current ones expired in September 2022, but our underlying asset is still located in ProSAFE in Germany and will remain there. Also in SKR we have to make some changes to the assets because one of them have incorrect details of our third CuPowder, instead of the first one.

As for the assessment itself, we felt that there was no point in doing a new assessment when we strated with the project, because CuPowder does not lose its quality if stored properly, which our partner has been doing for years. Also, we took the assessment into account in order to make the maximum number of coins due to the so-called emission rate.

Given that CUC is the official creation of the ultrafine copper powder market, the price will show its true value at some point when everything falls into place, and CUC is definitely close to that.

Better days are coming, as well as many new surprises from our side, so buckle up. 😉

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CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

Proof of value is updated on March 2023, this is the latest version

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