We need to rearrange tokenomics and circulating supply, as well as CUC wallets

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Dear CUC users and fans,

Considering the uniqueness of our project, a marketplace creation, which we want to bring to 100 percent perfection, we will rearrange tokenimics, circulating supply and our wallets once again.

Nothing changes significantly, but we have to make certain changes so as not to confuse analytical sites, as well as the crypto exchanges themselves, with the current distribution.
Namely, during various applications for the same, there is a misunderstanding of the CUC ECOsystem in relation to arranged wallets and circulating supply. ECOsystem is perfectly made, but misunderstanding occurs due to the excess of wallets in a circulating supply part. So we’ll just rearrange them.

It is important to understand that the CUC total supply is complete in our ECOsystem and that each of the 300 million CUCs created is covered by the underlying asset. However, in order to make it even easier and more transparent to follow, we will arrange everything as it should be.

Therefore, only 5 wallets will appear from Cuprum Coin side in the future; Asset, Operational, Reserves, Company & Founder. As soon as we arrange it, we will describe all our wallets in a separate article.

How it will look in the end, see in the following graphs.

We will make these changes in the whitepaper over the next few days.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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