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CUCs Top wallets presentation, full transparency

Cuprum Coins stored in the wallet. An official CUC top wallets presentation

Dear users and fans of Cuprum Coin,

With regard to the decision of our management from December 15th to rearrange tokenomics and circulating supply, which apparently caused confusion in our ECO system with certain analytical websites, today we completed that task organized all the wallets.

The number of CUCs in circulation, as well as those not in circulation, has not changed, only the unnecessary wallets have been removed, and the others have been arranged as they should be.

We will update the renewed Whitepaper of rearranged tokenomics and circulating supply on the web these days, and you can see the details in the post from December 15.

So, this is what the current situation looks like on December 26. Top wallets Cuprum Coin.

CUCs – In circulation

225,000,000 – 75%

  1. CC1kwjt53iCdeNX7kDSYHGynpTMC64dLMLPg – CUC Assets (ECO system) – 195,000,000 > 65%
  2. CC1rM5q2YmxE5gmsxVMqVXVeKXuKLt5JdeEf – CUC Assets Operational (ECOsystem) – 29,675,026.303161 > 9,89%
  3. Seed/Presale and traders wallets

CUCs – Not in circulation

75,000,000 – 25%

  1. CC1msLE49rhtj854dGMmb2bauCPZCk3H1WVr – CUC Reserves (ECOsystem) – 30,000,000 > 10%
  2. CC1n6V7vwzEtB1ES8UStJqVK9vUfSPAAT6Rw – CUC Company (ECOsystem) – 24,000,000 > 8%
  3. CC1ffkSLNnf4pT1SkwTpFbqGQWNSV7r2u9zE – CUC Founder (ECOsystem) – 21,000,000 > 7%

You can check and control all the top wallets in our Cuprum Coin Explorer.

We believe that our wallets transparency gives you additional investment security.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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