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Cuprum Coin will migrate from the native blockchain and Tezos fork to the Binance Smart Chain BEP20

Cuprum Coin to Binance Smart Chain

Dear Cuprum Coin users and fans,

We know that we will surprise you once again with our change, considering that on April 17th we announced the migration to the Ethereum network during July/August 2023. However, we are sure that our final and post-important change will bring much needed for our CUC, trust, transparency, value and that based on that we will be recognized and accepted by the world’s largest crypto exchanges, primarily Binance. We are ready to make all the changes that are asked of us and there are no obstacles that we will not overcome in order to achieve our goal.

However, considering all the options we had in the 3-4 weeks, and the final decision we wrote about yesterday, all the meetings held with many expert advisors in blockchain technology, as well as in the part of listing coins/tokens on the largest crypto exchanges, before we started the procedure, we brought the final the decision to migrate to Binance Smart Chain, BEP20.

The decision was made in April after we saw all the negative sides of our native CUC network, such as: lack of smart contracts, inability to launch CUC on major crypto world exchanges due to overcomplicated integration, lack of transparency and details in the explorer, etc.

When creating CUCs on the Tezos fork initially, we limited the max. supply, which was also a mistake, considering that CUCs in the new ECO system will be burned if there is a physical replacement for the asset. Therefore, we will not have a set maximum supply of 300 million on the Ethereum network, but that number will be the total supply.

We want our CUC to become an important player on the market, as well as one of the first real commodity cryptocurrencies, and we are ready to implement all the necessary changes as soon as possible. Therefore, we believe that we will carry out the migration by July/August this year, as we planned with the Ethereum network, and you will be informed about all the details related to it in due time. You don’t have to do anything, everything will be done by us, as well as by the crypto exchange when the time comes.

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CUPRUM COIN, The Commodity of the Future

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