Cuprum Coin “Proof of assets”; exclusive presentation

Cuprum Coin - Proof of assets

Dear users and fans of CUC,

We were proud to present a strategic partnership with Meteor Minerals Group, and now, just 10 days later, we are honored to present a complete document that proves our asset, its quality, as well as its value. In cooperation with our partner, we have prepared all the details.

In contrast to our previous system and assets (proof of value), and its documents, which mainly contained bills for security storage and 10 years old analysis and evaluation, here you can see almost 60 pages of evidence of our underlying asset from renowned and certified analytical companies, notaries, lawyers. Also, all the most important documents were made during 2022/2023. Given that our strategic partner is also a manufacturer, we also have production documents, but which we believe should not be presented to the public due to trade secrets.

In the coming period, we will continue to create maximum transparency and trust in CUC and our underlying asset, as well as in our team, which we will soon expand.

This is an exclusive presentation, and the document will of course be uploaded to our website soon.

CUPRUM COIN, The Nano Commodity of the Future

Cuprum Coin CUC – “Proof of assets”

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