We are proud to present the new members of the Cuprum Coin team

Trust, support and loyalty. Cuprum Coin & Meteor Minerals Group.

Dear users and fans of CUC,

After the signed strategic partnership with Meteor Minerals Group, we got four new members of our Cuprum Coin team, who will continue to build CUC, the nano commodity of the future, together with us. Behind them, there are about 10 more members who in their organization directly participate in the creation of CUCs underlying assets, starting from copper mining and ending with the production of nano copper powder. Also, as you saw in our “proof of assets” document, the world’s most recognized companies in the laboratory production and analysis sector cooperate with them.
We are really proud to present our new members, because we believe that CUC, now with our new concept, the new ECO system, is literally unique and one of the most valuable crypto commodities in the world. With our strategic partner, we believe that we have created maximum trust with all the concrete evidence behind CUC. Although there are many more changes and innovations to come, now we are certainly on the right path to success.

We are proud to present them.

Fernando Gallardo Morgan

Strategic Partner

International businessman, founder, and director of the Meteor Minerals group, which owns copper mines, and in cooperation with the world’s most recognized experts and scientists, produce nano copper powder in accredited certified laboratories. He built his long-term business career in Mexico, the United States of America, and Chile.

Roberto Acevedo

Expert Advisor

The main character of the production of our underlying asset, which works in collaboration with two other world-class scientists.

PhD. The University of London. Postdoctoral position, Charlottesville, USA. Full Professor. Universidad de Chile, Universidad Mayor and Universidad San Sebastián. Research interest: Material Science and Condensed Matter. Publications outcome: 117 national, 42 international congresses, 148 electronic journals, 130 peer-reviewed and 17 books.

Read more abour Mr.Acevedo at Google Academics or here on Researchgate, Orcid and Loop

Reynaldo Carrasco

Legal Advisor

A lawyer with a diploma in commercial lending, issued by the American Institute of Banking in Washington D.C. An MBA, concentration in finance from the University of Texas, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas. His main practice areas are: civil, commercial, regulatory, arbitration and conciliation, and intellectual property law.

Flavio Margarita

Underlying Asset Manager

A former stock broker, worked for a bank in South Africa and traded equities on the Johannesburg stock exchange for high net worth individuals. He has a financial capital market qualification through the securities institute of London. In 2018 he moved to Bolivia and formed a company Aurindian S.R.L that exports commodites; gold, silver, copper, zinc, bismuth and wolfram.

Our designers are preparing the “Our Team” page, which will be ready in a few days on our Cuprum Coin website.

CUPRUM COIN, The Nano Commodity of the Future

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