Cuprum Coin company is relocating to Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, DMCC.

Our CEO in DMCC crypto center, August 14, 2023

Dear users and fans of Cuprum Coin,

Although at the beginning of the year we were making plans of moving the company to Singapore, in the end we decided to move to Dubai, to DMCC.
There are many reasons for this decision, considering that the whole story started from our Croatia. But here we encountered many obstacles that we cannot solve for over 2 years, because the administration is disastrous. The biggest reason for the move is that Dubai, especially DMCC, is a crypto hub and all projects of this kind are welcome.
Another reason is that we have partners waiting for us in Dubai, who are ready to finance our project with large capital, in order to bring CUC to the biggest and best crypto exchanges in the world, primarily Binance.
Therefore, we have already started the procedure of registration, which officially start next week, while our CEO goes to Dubai to sign the investment and conclude the company registration procedure during August.
After that, many surprises await you, which will follow after the finalization of the migration of CUC to Binance Smart Chain.

In addition to the agreed large investment, we are also in negotiations with the new MM and the new exchanges that will follow soon. Therefore, follow our news, because we really decided to launch a “new” CUC soon.

CUPRUM COIN, The Nano Commodity of the Future

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