Cuprum Coin & Gotbit Hedge Fund signed cooperation agreement

Gotbit Hedge Fund & Cuprum Coin

Dear users and fans of Cuprum Coin,

We are proud to announce that two days ago, on August 28, we signed a new major cooperation with the leading crypto market maker/hedge fund Gotbit.

Gotbit Hedge Fund is the first-ever company to offer a hedge fund-style approach to market making in Web3. AUM exceeding $1.3В, 160 trading desk members.

For more info about Gotbit, please visit their website.

We are sure that this cooperation will bring additional value to Cuprum Coin and show that CUC is worthy of the right partners, the best crypto companies on the market. In cooperation with our new partner, we believe that we will list CUC on the world’s best crypto exchanges and achieve real liquidity and demand. Our teams have started working on the strategies that will be best to continue trading the “new” BEP20 CUC. On which crypto exchanges CUC will be listed soon, we will announce it officially during September.

CUPRUM COIN, The Nano Commodity of the Future

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