Cuprum Coin has applied to VARA, a Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority in Dubai

Dubai / UAE - October 3, 2023: Cuprum Coin completed the mandatory application to the VARA agency, initial approval new VASPS.

Dear CUC users and fans,

Following on from our plans from July and the concrete steps taken from August to move the Cuprum Coin company to Dubai, we would like to inform you that today we have completed the mandatory application to the VARA agency, an initial approval new VASPS.

A confirmation of received application, October 4, 2023

Although this is only the first step that will require additional procedures and does not guarantee approval, we believe that we have fulfilled all the requirements in the questionnaire and presented Cuprum Coin as transparently as possible, as well as our future steps.
What follows is the exact classification of our CUC by VARA, which will determine the exact activity for us, so that we can continue the process. However, the initial approval from VARA would be very important for us so that we could continue the process of registering the company in Dubai.
There is a possibility that CUC belongs to activities that currently do not need a financial license, but only the regulation of activities by VARA, but we are ready for the licensing process if it comes to that as well. We want to be one of the few cryptocurrencies in the world that have a regulatory and financial license, and rank alongside Binance, which is regulated and licensed in Dubai by VARA.

Our ambitions are known and we will do everything to achieve them. Follow us, we will inform you about further news. Join our official Telegram channel.

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