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– Pepu

Everything progresses, the team complying with the roadmap and solving the problems that have arisen. I received the 10% airdrop for rewarding the delay of the launch and I have been able to obtain a little liquidity after its sale. A project that is launched at a minimum, in a context of extreme fear, looks good. I hope everything goes as it should

– Dennis

I’ve been there since the first pre-sale phase.
Hassle-free processing.
Fast response from support if a transaction does not work directly. I’m excited and I hope it will continue like this in the future. Great project.

– Desmond Miles

Well thought out cryptocurrency with high potential and future. Glad I got in early at a low price.
Trading on various crypto exchanges is slowly starting.
I’m excited to see what the future will bring.

– Jonas Werner

Everything went very well in the pre-sale! on 08.08.22 it finally really starts.

To the moon

– Benedikt Mauer

The first project of its kind. Despite the severe delays of the IEO, the project will still be and remain a heavyweight.
I’m in good spirits.

– Alexander Juen Wimmer

Everything worked perfectly in the pre-sale and the support team writes and helps immediately. So far I have only positive things to say.

– Cedric T

I bought some cuprumcoin and everything is perfect I don’t understand the negative opinions I think it’s jealousy or trying to harm I wish the cuprumcoin team good luck which soon will be a cryptocurrency to the moon

– Robert Baca

I have to change my mind of CUC. I was affraid of scam because of a lot of promises and postponed deadlines. Now the CUC comes to market and price goes down. This project has a big potential but the team have to be more profesional.

Let’s build something great together.