Our pre-sale attracted over 73,000 visitors from October 8 to November 26

Cuprum Coin News, December 5,2021

Here are some website statistics, how interesting we were during the pre-sale.

From the beginning of the pre-sale on October 8, until the closing of registrations on November 26, our website was visited by over 73,000 visitors. 🔥🔥 Most from Germany, over 40 thousand, followed by Spain with over 6.8 thousand, Austria with over 4.8 thousand, Switzerland with over 3.3 thousand, Slovakia with over 2.3 thousand, France with over 2.1 thousand, the USA with over 1.5 thousand, etc. 🚀We have definitely reached all parts of the world (163 countries) where there is electricity and internet.

Presale CUC statistic

As from the sale statistic, 165,754.326500 CUCs were sold for the price of $10.00 in BTC and ETH. This is way above the expectations, we’re very satisfied with the presale.

Let’s move on with our development.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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