On February 10, we will launch “The Cuprum Coin Blockchain Explorer”

At first, one clarification. Cuprum Coin – “CUC” is not a token. We’re a coin, i.e. altcoin. Why?

Well, most cryptocurrencies on the market, according to our knowledge, over 80% are tokens, and a large part, as you know, is the well-known ERC-20 based on the Ethereum network. Why is it like that? The answer is very simple. Tokens are much simpler and cheaper to create, as they are working on already developed networks.

Why did we decide to develop coins and not tokens? Because the coin itself is much more valuable fundamentally, and provides unlimited possibilities. Of course, this makes our development harder, more expensive and more complicated, but when it is completely finished, investors will be 100% sure to have a very valuable product, unique in the world of countless cryptocurrencies. The additional value to our Cuprum Coin is its development on the eco-friendly Tezos platform.

That’s how and why we will launch our own “The Cuprum Coin Blockchain Explorer”. It will be ready for our personal testings in a few days and will be launched on February 10th. Of course, its use will be available immediately after the launch of the Cuprum Coin on the crypto exchanges, which is planned for February 2022.

Therefore, believe in us because we are truly valuable and unique, and we will prove it.

CUPRUM COIN “The Cryptocurrency of the Future”

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