As of today, transactions on the CUC block explorer will be tested by exchanges.

Dear users and CUC fans,

We have just entered the final phase of testing our CUC Block Explorer. As of today, transactions will be tested by exchanges as well.

Since we had minor issues, yesterday we changed the wallet addresses of all registered users on explorer. Therefore, if you have written down the address somewhere, check and change it.
We’ve written before that we’ll announce when the Explorer is fully operational, so still don’t try to make transfers until we announce it. CUC transfers are currently disabled for all users.
For all those who are registered and do not have an address in the browser, this means that they have not confirmed the registration via email. Please check your emails and confirm your registration.



We would like to note that you do not have to open an account on Explorer if you are registered on our main page and if you have a wallet there. You will be able to withdraw / transfer CUC to the exchange directly from that wallet.

Also, on How to use page we will publish the instructions on how to transfer CUC to someone else if you want.

Stay tune, we’re near the CUC launching and we can’t wait for it.

CUPRUM COIN The Cryptocurrency od the Future

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