The Cuprum Coin IEO launch will be on August 08, while the secondary market placement will be on August 16.

Our dear fans,

We know that you have been impatiently waiting for this news and today we can confirm that our crypto currency of the future, Cuprum Coin CUC, is coming to the market on August 8.

We will start with the IEO offer, which will last 7 days, until August 15, and immediately after, it will be listed on the secondary market on August 16.

All the details will be published in the next few days, when crypto exchanges will also announce this spectacular news.

Let us briefly explain what Cuprum Coin is.

Cuprum Coin is a commodity cryptocurrency, ie. altcoin built on the Tezos platform, classified as a utility coin. As a guarantee of value, it has behind it an estimated $60 billion very rare ultrafine copper powder that is primarily used in the aerospace industry and medicine. A complete 20 plus tons with all EU certificates are stored in high security facilities in Germany.

As a native blockchain, CUC has its own blockchain explorer. Cuprum Coin is a unique crypto currency on the market, and as main advantages we highlight our own infrastructure, Tezos proof-of-stake that consumes very little energy, fast transactions, low fees, and many other advantages. With CUC, we are creating the missing official market for ultrafine copper powder. A portion of the CUC sale will be used to purchase additional ultrafine copper powder, in order to maintain the stability of the value of the underlying asset in the long term.

The CUC is a coin, not a token. It is unique. It is the new and most advanced generation of cryptocurrencies. Because of all the facts, the slogan is for a reason; “CUPRUM COIN, the cryptocurrency of the future”.

Buckle up!

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