We have reduced the number of CUCs for sale in the IEO offer from 250,000 to only 50,000

Our CEO made a decision to reduce the number of CUCs in the IEO offer from the planned 250,000 to only 50,000. We are transcribing his decision in its entirety.

“Considering that the assets behind CUC doubled with the last concept presented on May 13, we decided not to sell too many coins at such low prices during the IEO.

I’m glad that the pre-sale investors got CUC at very low prices ($10 USD) which gives them the possibility of multiple earnings in the long term. They earned it by trusting my project when it was questioned and called a scam by many. 

Now, when we have proven that several exchanges will actually list us, it turns out that the project is real and very valuable, given that everything was presented to the exchanges in complete transparency.

Now we are finally slowly opening many doors that were locked for a long time, creating opportunities for cooperation with big players in the crypto market.

Given that the project is being prepared for the launch in a big way, and in order to be sustainable in the long term, I do not want to jeopardize its start in any way.

My goal has been the same since the beginning; maximum professionalism, long-term sustainability of the project, and the most serious partners.”

With respect,

Mario Urlić


CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

5 thoughts on “We have reduced the number of CUCs for sale in the IEO offer from 250,000 to only 50,000

  1. Hello, I will hold my CUC and I not will sell to support proyect, but I think you need take some action to prevent the price will be devalue, for example to encourage holders make a plan to stacking CUC with the 40% of profit for a year, in thath way you will have time to launch CUC in more exchanges and price will be always increasing, just is a idea, thanks

      1. It depends on the exchange, each one separately. Our partner WhiteBIT has staking programs, so it is better to check with them.

  2. Cuprum coin wird hoffentlich bald eine grosse Nummer, meine presale coins werde ich auf jeden Fall halten. Ich habe vom ersten Tag wo ich von gelesen habe gedacht dass das ein super Projekt ist und mich nicht von irgendwelchen Betrugsvorwürfen beeinflussen lassen. Denke der coin wird langfristig explodieren

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