A few words about our suddenly deceased team member, Alfred Freh

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Our CEO Mario Urlić wants to write a few words about our team member, the underlying asset manager, Alfred Freh, who unfortunately passed away too soon and suddenly on July 28.

I feel sad because of the news of the death of my friend and Cuprum Coin’s underlying asset manager Alfred Freh. Unfortunately, he left us too soon, at age 66, the cause being a heart attack.

In this way, I want to publicly explain how significant a role Alfred played in the beginning and during the creation of the Cuprum Coin project.
Alfred contacted me for the first time on May 11, 2021, to propose cooperation with our current underlying asset owners. He impressed me with his professionalism at first, and we started this cooperation after only a few days. His commitment to all documentation related to the underlying asset was at the highest possible professional level, and he turned all my wishes and ideas into reality.
I can freely say that until 2 days ago, we were in contact literally every day, online and often by phone. He believed so much in the Cuprum Coin project, in me, and supported me so much in difficult moments that it is impossible to describe it in words. I am sure that I will remember his words and support for the rest of my life.
Our first personal meeting was on July 26, 2021, in Austria, when we organized the official signing of the contract for the underlying asset the day after. I will never forget his hug when we first met and the long conversation that evening, after which I saw how similar we were, and after which it seemed to me that we had known each other for at least 20 years.
Alfred went through many difficulties in his life, even relocating to Australia for a while. He was a real warrior.
I have no words to describe my sadness because he didn’t see the release of our Cuprum Coin on the exchange; he was so happy about it. Therefore, let our listing on the market be in his honor. Alfred will always be our honorary member.
Once again, I express my condolences to his wife, Sonja, and his entire family. My obligation is to always be there for them.
The Cuprum Coin team has lost a great man, but in his honor, I will always remain as strong as I have always been, with his great help and support. We have already created together, and we will continue to create Cuprum Coin to be one of the most significant crypto projects, and your name will always be written on it.

We often used to toast each other after some vital solution to a problem, which was always present in large projects. The last time was on July 11, after the first successful integration with the Whitebit exchange was confirmed.
Please, all of you, raise a toast to this great man.

Goodbye, my dear friend, rest in peace.


Alfred Freh and Mario Urlic – Whats app messages July 11, 2022
Mario Urlic and Alfred Freh, Hotel Park Hyat Vienna, July 28, 2021
CUC Team: Andreas Kirchgassner, Mario Urlic, Alfred Freh, Alexander Vitkovskiy, Roman Batscharow, Leopold Stummer. Vila Vita Pannonnia, July 27, 2021
Alfred Freh in his garden

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  1. It is sad, but a part of Alfred Feh will still existing…
    Nice and respectfully words from Mario Urlic for his friend.

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