CUC Roadmap after August 16 and secondary listing, until 2Q/2023

Dear fans of Cuprum Coin,

Given that August 16 is approaching, when CUC will list on the secondary market via Bitforex exchnage (August 16) and WhiteBIT exchange (update: August 22), it is time to briefly present our further plans.

  • 4Q/2022. – Listing of CUC on one of the Top 20 exchnages.
  • 1Q or 2Q/2023. – Listing CUC on one of the Top 10 exchnages.
  • 3Q/2023. – Full regulation and License

In May 2021 we signed a business cooperation contract with CSB Group from Malta. At that time, we signed an advisory contract for the potential formation of a licensed company and the launch of an ICO offer in Malta. However, due to certain reasons and a change of concept (IEO instead of ICO), we still decided to launch the project from Croatia, the homeland of our founder, owner, and CEO of Cuprum Coin, Mario Urlić. Given that we are waiting a long time for the EU regulation for the crypto market, which was originally scheduled for 2022, but has now been moved to 2023, our primary goal is to make the regulation here, where we started everything in Croatia. However, if that is not possible, we will go to countries that already have crypto regulations, like the UAE, Malta, or Switzerland.

Since we officially launched the project with a pre-sale in October 2021, 10 months ago, we worked hard to get it listed on the exchanges, during which time we created one of the most unique and promising cryptocurrencies in the world. We can surely say that the CUC’s secondary placement that follows on August 16, is just the beginning for Cuprum Coin.

Of course, these are only the main guidelines for the next period, in which there will be many more news and developments. All official announcements will be published here on our PR and News page.

CUPRUM COIN Roadmap after August 16.

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