CUC placement on the secondary market; WhiteBIT exchange, August 22, 09:30 AM (CET)

Dear fans of Cuprum Coin,

We are sorry that we had to postpone the planned launch on the WhiteBIT exchange scheduled for August 16th, but 6 days later, CUC is coming to that exchange on August 22nd at 09:30 AM (CET).

The exchange says it will announce all the details on August 22nd at 10:00 AM (CET), when it will open CUC deposits for our users.

On the WhiteBIT exchange, the pair that will start trading will be CUC/USDT. After creating volume and liquidity, we will open trading with the following pairs; CUC/BTC, and CUC/ETH.

Follow our news; we will announce all the details soon and post the links here.

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