If your CUC has not arrived on the Bitforex exchange, here is what you need to do.

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Dear users,

Since we approved all your open CUC withdrawal orders yesterday, from your dashboard via CUC explorer to Bitforex, we have a few queries through our support team; “Why didn’t my CUC arrive in my Bitforex exchange wallet?”

If the transaction was carried out through our CUC Explorer, then the CUC went to the exchange. Still, given the specificity of the transfers, as well as the start of CUC transactions, it is possible that some transactions have stalled or the transaction was not carried out on the exchange side. We are currently also checking the details with the Bitforex exchange.

In general, the transactions have gone through, as we see the orders, the quantity transferred, as well as the sales yesterday and today by our pre-sale users.

Not a single CUC was lost, but it is only possible that the transaction was not carried out from the Exchange if you wrote the correct address during the transfer/withdrawal.

But, given that there is no so-called “Operation Hash” (TxID) in your confirmation email for the approved transaction, which we will correct with our development team, here is what to do in 3 steps to check the status of your transaction.

Step 1

Click on the Transactions

Step 2

Find your transaction, based on the Bitforex wallet (your address), or the amount sent, and click on the sending Address (Blue). We know that those who have been sent max. of 50 CUCs it’s harder to find, but still there aren’t too many such transactions.

Step 3

Here’s your “Operation Hash”, copy and check with the Bitforex exchange

As we have already written, we also check with the exchange in general all transactions, i.e. their implementation, and we are sure that everything is going through. Please note that no CUC is lost in this process.

The Exchange needs to confirm your deposit.

If you want to send CUC to Bitforex or WhiteBIT exchange, please read our Support/FAQ page in detail.

Thank you for your understanding.

CUPRUM COIN, The cryptocurrency of the Future

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