Cuprum Coin USP’s, a truly unique and exceptional on the crypto marketplace today

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Cryptocurrency USP?

A unique selling proposition (USP, also seen as a unique selling point) refers to the post-purchase characteristic that differentiates a product from its competitors. A successful USP promises a clearly articulated benefit to customers. Every business needs some unique attributes to connect with consumers. That is your USP.

What makes the USPs in the cryptocurrency marketplace today, or what differentiates unique qualities offered to customers? In speculative trading, no one can predict where the price will go. This is simply because speculation is always about expectations. Buying a product attributed just with expectation as a USP means exposure to the value fluctuation risk.

That’s precisely why collateralized coins have emerged and become popular recently. Collateralized coins USPs, such as safe investment plans and value maintenance, have brought a fundamental difference and competitive pressure from new issuers. Obviously, precious metals-backed cryptocurrencies, particularly those backed with gold, have raised special attention. Here we will describe the USPs of the CUPRUM coin, the new cryptocurrency backed by an ultrafine and nano copper powder. So, what makes the CUPRUM coin so unique in today’s cryptocurrency marketplace?


For a long time, there were no new chemical elements to challenge gold as an underlying asset. As we already wrote in the previous articles, an ultrafine nano copper powder, unlike gold, has found applications in many upcoming industries – aerospace, nanotechnology, microelectronic, and medical … which means the asset’s stable demand (equals to CUC’s value). Unlike gold, this precious chemical element is not offered for trading on the open market, which means minimal risk of volatility-related value fluctuation.

All of these leads to the following CUC’s USPs:

  1. Safe store of the value for a long time.
  2. Elastic coin supply
  3. Dynamic price characteristic

Besides its characteristic of being a safe investment plan because of its asset, we’d like to see the CUC as the enabler for entering and leaving other highly volatile cryptocurrencies positions. The elastic coin supply ensures buying power during a bullish sentiment, while a stable demand protects investors from high volatility exposure during a bearish crypto time. This contributes to CUC’s dynamic price characteristic, which differentiates this coin from other types of collateralized or stablecoins.

Many analysts recently say that the lack of a unique selling proposition for the highly volatile cryptocurrencies could become their Achilles heel. In the case of the CUPRUM coin, all USPs lead to defining this coin as “the safe harbor for a both-direction volatile crypto time.” CUC is not a stablecoin, but its guarantee of value in the form of the high purity ultrafine copper powder is one of the world’s most valuable and stable elements.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

2 thoughts on “Cuprum Coin USP’s, a truly unique and exceptional on the crypto marketplace today

  1. Is CUC hedged to more than $200 per coin? this is currently the current value. Could more Copper Powder be purchased to secure a higher price?

    1. Yes, one CUC is backed by 200 USD worth of ultra fine CuPowder. 10% of the CUCs created will be used to purchase new additional CuPowder, but not in the current phase. Those CUCs are not in circulation right now, they are locked.

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