The WhiteBIT exchange has reopened CUC/USDT trading, as well as deposits and withdrawals.

Cuprum Coin and WhiteBIT exchange

With regard to the events of August 28, which we wrote about, we are pleased to inform you that the WhiteBIT exchange has reopened CUC/USDT trading, deposits, and withdrawals from 14:30 (CET) today.

Investigations from our side are still ongoing, but we can say that we have concrete details of who, what, how and with what purpose the 3rd party did this.

Along with classic arbitrage trading, and a bit of panic caused by the same, and therefore disruption of our MM systems, certain people tried to manipulate the price, trying to devalue CUC with a very small amount, which was not traded at all. We have published the details here, but due to the policy of the WhiteBIT exchange, we will not publish them in full.
We personally, as well as our MM team, will be more careful in the future and be ready for such destabilization attempts.


We must note that deposits and withdrawals were also disabled on the Bitofrex exchange for the past 2 days, so we had to cancel some of your orders yesterday and today, opened before 14:30h and 15:30h (CET), but we will start approving CUC withdrawals again from our side for all the opened orders after 15:30h.

Thank you for your patience, we wish you happy trading with CUC.

CUPRUM COIN, The cryptocurrency of the future.

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