Cuprum Coin and BR Group signed a partnership agreement

3D rendering humanoid robot handshake with Cuprum Coin market trading chart

Dear users and fans of Cuprum Coin,

We are honored to officially inform you about the partnership that has been ongoing for some time, between BR Group and Cuprum Coin.

BR Group accumulates experience in the best trends of growing companies and regularly produces products and services that increase the effectiveness between projects and the crypto community.

BR Group develops software/games/applications, generates liquidity at exchanges, and helps with listing on Marketplaces/Wallets and Exchanges.


  • Development
  • Market Making
  • DEFI
  • Marketing
  • Project analytics and packaging
  • Listing on Top crypto exchanges

We are sure that our cooperation will contribute to the quality of our Cuprum Coin, and place it among the world’s best cryptocurrencies.

For more info about BR Group, please visit their website.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

Cuprum Coin & BR Group

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