TokenInsight analytical site first ranked CUC at #57 by market capitalization

CUC on TokenInsight analitic webpage

Dear CUC users and fans,

It’s nice to see that our efforts are showing concrete results, so with all the prepared technical documentation and concrete evidence, we got the first rank, which was done by the analytical website TokenInsight.

Thus, as of today, CUC is officialy ranked as the 57th cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization at this moment. We believe that other analytical sites will do the same soon, because we have been working on it since we entered the market. Top wallets and complete transparency are being prepared, we’re working furder to show all the transparency soon.

As you know, all exchanges try to prove their proof of reserves, and CUC is one of the few, perhaps the only crypto-currency that has its proof of value of underlying assets completely transparent. Our proof of value is displayed on our website, followed by other proofs that will place CUC where it belongs, at the top of the world’s best cryptocurrencies.

We continue working 24 hours a day until we list CUC on the world’s best exchanges.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

2 thoughts on “TokenInsight analytical site first ranked CUC at #57 by market capitalization

  1. Hello,
    I actually looked after few months on cuprum coin site and I saw u finally listed it, congrats on that ! BUT, the pre-sale price was 10USD for 1 cuprum coin, and you wanted to list it for 15USD per coin, but you did not and you had delay about 8 months without compensation to your investors.
    I honestly do not understand if it was only trick to hype coin and then scam investors or you have other plans how to fix it, but you should tell us.
    I know it should be investment in long term, but sorry it would be more worth to wait till listing and buy it for even lower price than in your pre-sale.
    Thanks for respond.

    1. Dear Tom,
      Thanks for your comment. Number one, investment decisions are made by you, not us, we are the issuer and we did not persuade anyone to buy CUC. Number two, due to the delay in going to market, we rewarded all pre-sale buyers with an additional 10% CUCs.
      Furthermore, the listing was according to plan, but due to the huge pressure on sale from you, the presale buyers, the price is currently where it is.
      Btw. When you already say that it was better to wait for it to come out on the market and to buy it at a lower price, here is exactly that opportunity, right!? 😉

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