CUC/USDT; technical analysis December 2022. Bears don’t give up

CUC/USDT technical analysis December 2022

Dear users and CUC fans,

Despite all our efforts during 2022 to make Cuprum Coin project complete, better, transparent, which we ultimately succeeded in, the sellers did not give up even in December, but constantly pressured the price and CUC strong technical support to 3.00 USDT. We can say that the bears don’t give up, but on the other hand the buyers are lurking and buying CUC at a discount.

Although they immediately attacked the support in early December, we can see that on several occasions they failed in this attempt, and the price returned on a daily basis through the TA support of 3.00 USDT. We traders would call it a “fail break”.

During mid-December, the price had a bullish outlook, but buyers were stopped at the USDT 3.350 level for several days in a row.
However, on December 26, buyers gave up a bit and the price closed below 3.00 USDT for the first time since the beginning of CUC on the market. In the following 3 days, the price closed lower and lower, and on December 29, it closed at a level of around 2.60 USDT.

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But on December 30, the buyers woke up and did not allow CUC to end the year 2022 below 3.00 USDT, and in one day they returned the price with a gain of over 20% on a daily basis.
Thus, CUC/USDT ended 2022 at a price of a little over 3.00 USDT.

During January it will certainly be very interesting, and we see that at the very beginning of 2023 the range is very narrowed and CUC/USDT is moving between 3.00 and 3.15 USDT.

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