CUC/USDT; technical analysis March 2023. Buyers are trying to take CUC into their own hands.

CUC/USDT technical analysis March 2023.

Dear users and fans of CUC,

After the debacle in February, which we wrote about in detail, optimism prevailed during March. So buyers even tried to push CUC back to the 3.00 USDT level on March 11, but there was a lack of strength and volume to keep the price there.

The beginning of the month went as we predicted in February, the 1.00 USDT level provided great support and only once did the price go below it, slightly.
As we also predicted in February, the first major resistance was at the 2.00 USDT level, which proved to be a challenge for buyers during the middle of the month, several days in a row. After that, the buyers eased off a bit, but raised the support level from 1.00 USDT to 1.30 to 1.35, and attacked the 2.00 USDT level again at the end of the month.

On the last day of March, CUC/USDT closed above the daily MA 55 (green line), which is the first time since we have that indicator on the chart. Although this is significant from the technical side, the daily MA 100 (red line), which is currently at the level of around 2.20 USDT, is now a challenge for the buyers. Also, during March, we got the daily MA200 (yellow line) for the first time, which is also a very important factor from the technical side.

March was really an interesting month, we believe that April will give us even more pleasure. Although CUC/USDT is still trading with quite low liquidity, month after month the organic traffic is increasing a lot, which we are especially happy to see.

Although sudden and larger price changes downwards/upwards are still possible, we hope that the price will generally move in some accordance with the technical picture.

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