Due to the upcoming major changes, the following documents have been disabled; whitepaper, proof of assets and legal opinion

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Dear users and fans of Cuprum Coin,

As we already announced a few days ago when transferring all the issued CUCs to wallets, and in our Telegram group, major changes are underway in our project. Thus, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed yesterday at the Excelsior Hotel in Dubrovnik, and we will announce all the details on Tuesday, May 9 (Postponed for the week of May 15-20.), when the brand new Whitepaper should be ready.

New documents “proof of assets” (before the proof of value) as well as “legal opinion” are being prepared. We believe that the “proof of assets” will be ready by the end of next week, and the “legal opinion” by the end of May.

Among other things, the “our team” page has also been disabled because there are also significant changes.

What we have established before is that one CUC remains covered by an asset worth USD 100, while all other details change, especially our ECO system, as well as the asset. We are sure that this signed collaboration will bring great confidence, both from investors and major crypto exchanges. We made, so to speak, a clean start and, we believe, completely reversed the course of future events with our CUC.

Therefore, so that there would be no confusion, from this page where we write all the news, we will remove all articles related to the following: Whitepaper, Proof of value/asset, ECO system, CUC circulating supply, CUC wallets.

As we also recently announced, we are also preparing the migration of CUC from the Tezos fork to Ethereum PoS ERC20. The migration should be done during July, no later than the beginning of August 2023.

About all the details soon, follow our news.

Your CUPRUM COIN team.

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