Cuprum Coin and Meteor Minerals Group, owner of copper mines and producer of nano copper powder, joined forces through a strategic partnership.

Cuprum Coin and Meteor Minerals Group.

Dear users and fans of CUC,

We are honored and proud to announce the following news. It’s the PR text which will be published during the day and tomorrow. Edit: Published on Cision PR Newswire, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Market Watch, Seeking Alpha…and many more.

Dubrovnik, May 23, 2023

Nine months after listing its crypto commodity CUC on the crypto exchange WhiteBIT, Cuprum coin sllc has decided to enter into a strategic partnership with the renowned manufacturer of the extremely rare high purity nano copper powder.

Cuprum Coin sllc and Meteor Minerals Group signed a strategic partnership agreemeent with a goal to offer together an excpetional commodity crypto asset – Cuprum Coin (ticker: CUC). Each issued Cuprum Coin will be backed with the all-time secured extremely rare high purity nano copper powder, and in addition purchased Cuprum coins are used as the medium of exchange for Meteor`s nano copper powder. According to the agreement a significant portion of the funds obtained from coin sales will be re-invested into the new Meteor Minerals mines, nano copper powder production, and R&D capabilities.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, based company Cuprum Coin launched its cryptocurrency in 2021 using an underlying asset in the form of ultrafine copper powder, a rare and valuable chemical element, not used in the crypto eco-system before. In April this year company decided to change its underlying asset in favor of more prominent nano copper powder. Copper nano-size particles in the form of powder are at present of great interest in the upcoming industry like aerospace industry, medicine, chemical and material science.

A Chilean/US/UK Meteor Minerals Group has proven record in creating revolutionary solution in the field of material science. One of such solution is environmentally safe processing of copper into a high purity nano copper powder. Chile is the world’s top copper producer, with a market share of almost 30%, so it is natural that the largest corporations are located there. Cuprum Coin CEO is honored and proud to have achieved this collaboration.

„We were aware, to gain trust and confidence from major investors and the largest crypto exchanges, we had to move from our previous asset – ultrafine copper powder from a private owner. This material, although not sufficiently known outside of the copper powder industry, is offered on the market with different sizes, qualities, and purities, and as such has created uncertainties about how we are really backing our cryptocurrency.

This partnership with an extraordinary nano copper powder producer, with its own mines, with cooperative world best laboratories working even for NASA, and in cooperation with the world’s most recognized nanotechnology scientists in the team, brings us to the next level as we will be backing our coin with nano sized asset which is highly demanded in the upcoming industries. That`s why our slogan has changed to The Nano Commodity of the Future.”, stated the founder and CEO of Cuprum Coin, Mario Urlić.

The founder and CEO of Meteor Minerals Group also cannot hide his satisfaction with the signed collaboration.

We are really thrilled and excited about entering into this partnership, not just because of possibilities to offer our products on the new, blockchain enabled, marketplace but also because of the new opportunities when it comes to further investing and strengthening our mining, laboratory, scientific team and and R&D capabilities”, said Mr. Fernando Gallardo Morgan, the CEO of Meteor Minerals Group.

Earlier this month Cuprum Coin announced that they will migrate its native (forked Tezos) blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain network (BEP20 token). From today, a completely new whitepaper will be available on the official website, while other documents will be compiled in the next 3-4 weeks.

Visit Cuprum Coin news page for more information.

On this official PR, we have to add some details. We believe that with this strategic partnership, we have taken a huge step forward in the right direction, a really big one.
Our team will include world-renowned scientists, as well as a strong marketing agency, a group of experts in charge of all the details for the listing of cryptocurrencies on the largest exchanges, especially Binance. Therefore, huge changes will follow in the coming period, and this cooperation is the basis of everything to come. It opens many doors that were half-opened for us until now.

We would like to mention that our strategic partner is at the moment in the creation of a new website, because companies from this sector are relatively unknown to the public. This website creation was our desire as an important part of the cooperation, and the web will be refined in all segments and expect a lot of changes on it in the coming period. We thank the partner for the trust and huge confidenve in us in this matter. But, how valuable and important our partner Meteor Minerlas is shows this deal with Franklin Mining last year.

Likewise, Cuprum Coin website was being modified during the night, and is still being improved. During the day, a new whitepaper will be uploaded on it, but we will present it here in the next article.
Also, the “Proof of assets” and “Legal opinion” documents will follow on our website in the next 2 to 4 weeks. While the special “Asset & CUC supply” page will be operational after the migration to Binance Smart Chain, which we announced the other day. After that part, we will start a real PR campaign, after which the professional team will take over that part.

The goal of Cuprum Coin is Binance and we will make it happen with 100% certainty now.

Thank you all for your patience, a lot has happened in the past two months, truly indescribable situations. However, we endured all of that and pushed through to the end, or to put it better, to a different, completely new and true beginning.


The Nano Commodity of the Future

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