Starting today, you can withdraw your CUC from Bitforex and WhiteBIT exchanges to your Cuprum Coin dashboard/wallet.

Cuprum Coin CUC withdrawal from the Bitforex & WhiteBIT exchange

Dear Cuprum Coin users,

In line with plans to migrate CUC to Binance Smart Chain, today we activated the CUC deposit option in our dashboard, which is the first step in the migration process.

Notice! However, it is not mandatory and all those who want to leave CUC on the WhiteBIT exchange can do so, while the migration will be carried out for you by the exchange when we initiate the final step.

For now, only registered users from the pre-sale can withdraw their CUC from Bitforex and WhiteBIT exchange, and next week we will activate the registration option for those who do not have an account with us.
Also next week we will enable withdrawal of CUC from our Cuprum Coin explorer to the dashboard.

Among other things, we have implemented some innovations in the dashboard, so you can see the CUC live price in USD, BTC and ETH, as well as the live market value of your CUC portfolio.

How to withdraw CUC? Here are a few easy steps.

Step 1. Login to your dashboard in which you have your current CUC balance

Step 2. Click on the button Deposit, where you have your own CUC address.

Step 3. Login to exchange > Withdrawal CUC > paste the address or scan QR code > Withdraw

Step 4. You can check the transaction on Cuprum Coin explorer

Step 5. Go to dashboard and check the received amount > click the “Send to Admin” button

Step 6. Go to Dashboard, your CUCs are added to your wallet.

Notice! Please read the instructions carefully, as sending CUC anywhere other than our/your dashboard at this time may result in you losing your coins.

Cuprum Coin s.l.l.c. disclaims any responsibility in that case!

For all clarifications or issues, there is our support team via email:

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