By February 25, we will present at least 5 exchanges, Cuprum Coin listing partners

Dear ladies and gentlemen, CUC investors and fans.

On December 24, we announced that we have signed contracts with 3 exchanges. We now have 6, the details of which we will release by February 25th. Of these 6, four are currently safe for the IEO while one does not provide this option, but will list CUC on the regular market. We are still working on the contracts with the sixth, we believe how they will also be ready for the IEO. We even have the seventh exchange in the negotiations.

Since we have expanded the contracts on 6 exchanges, there is a possibility to adjust the date of the IEO, first due to the ongoing integration, but also due to on-demand marketing. But it will certainly not be delayed for more than 10-15 days than planned.

So please be a little more patient, as the launch date is approaching. Stay alert and follow our official news. We’re so excited, and we know that you are too. Buckle up!

In the meanwhile, you can still purchase CUC per price of $10.00, but soon we will close the option.

CUPRUM COIN, The cryptocurrency of the future

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