Cuprum Coin CUC is in the process of integration and is coming to market soon

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Dear ladies and gentlemen, CUC investors and fans.

Since we have inquiries about the status of our Cuprum Coin, we would like to inform you officially here.

So, at the moment, our development blockchain technical team together with the exchange teams, our partners, are working on the integration of Cuprum Coin – CUC. Considering that we are going to 5 exchanges at the same time, and as we have already announced, the integration process is not an easy and fast process, especially because it is not the same for every exchange.

As soon as the process is completed, together with the exchanges, we will officially announce the exact date of the IEO launch.

As for our Cuprum Coin Blockchain explorer, we haven’t enabled registrations yet because during testing, we noticed some unnecessary steps in use. That’s why we’re working on improving the system to make it as easy to use as possible. We are also working to explain the use so that you, our valued users, would not be confused and use the explorer unnecessarily.

We hope you understand us, because we are really doing everything in our power to get our valuable CUC to market as soon as possible. We certainly want that most of all, but we also want this process to be perfect, well technically prepared, as well promoted properly.

Listing on the exchange is really a very serious and very important process for all of us, founders, partners, exchanges, and especially for you a pre-sale investors, in order to achieve the best possible price and earn as much as possible if you want to sell the same.

However, to achieve this, we need to list our CUC professionally, at the highest possible level, because keep in mind that Cuprum Coin “CUC” will take a very high place in terms of market capitalization when entering the secondary market and will enter the Top 25.

We’re not the coin for one day, we’re here to stay and to be among the most valuable once for a long time.

CUPRUM COIN “The Cryptocurrency of the Future”

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