Letter from our CEO, to our investors and all fans of Cuprum Coin and the crypto world.

Dear investors and fans,

I would like to address you personally and briefly explain the situation of our Cuprum Coin project. Although there was a delay in the launch compared to what was planned, I do not want to justify myself this way, but rather point out to you the advantages we will have when we come to the market, also to clarify some facts about CUC.

True, we have had minor problems in creating our systems, as well as partly now through integration with the exchanges and I do not want to deny that. This is largely the fault of our development team, which is clearly not in line with the task undertaken, but despite all the difficulties, they successfully complete tasks with a certain delay. I believe that with my help, and the great help of the technical teams of the exchanges, our listing partners; DexTrade, Bitforex, Latoken, Alterdice and Whitebit, the task will soon be successfully completed.

I must mention that the task of integration is very demanding given our specifications and the specifics of the CUC, as well as the different technical requirements of the exchanges.

I can say that we have definitely passed the phase in which we encountered bigger problems, and we are left with only some smaller ones that are in the process of being solved.
I can say with certainty that the CUC transactions are going well, in accordance with the rules of the exchanges. You know that such a serious project as ours cannot officially start until everything is 100% in order and tested. We are not some crappy meme token, or plain ERC20 token and similar like thousands in the markets. We are an extremely serious coin that will compete with the best, I can freely say Top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market. We’re different!

Our biggest advantage is that we are a real coin, built on Tezos, but completely autonomous as far as the rest of the system is concerned. With extremely low energy consumption, low fee, high speed and everything else built, we are certainly a very valuable coin. An underlying asset in the form of ultrafine copper powder of the highest possible purity, which is one of the most valuable elements in the world is just an additional value.

I am aware how there is a lot of controversy about this, how valuable it really is, so there are many doubts about it. I have witnessed some nebulous research and testing, verification by irrelevant participants in this project. Also, comments from some experts, who can’t tell the facts out of jealousy, but try to twist them to harm the Cuprum Coin project, while they tried to create something similar themselves, unfortunately in the wrong way and with the wrong teams.

But the only facts are these:

Our copper powder was estimated 7 years ago and it is estimated at 3,000 U.S. dollars per 1 Gram, as well as 3.05 euros per 1 Milligram, ie. 3,050 euros for 1 Gram.

Regardless of the fact that we provided for CUC a total value of over 30 billion USD, which is linearly multiplied, and which gives a ratio of 1 CUC = 100 USD, we sold it in presale for 10% of the estimated value, or 1 CUC = 10 USD .

Furthermore, we offer our CUC for 15 USD in IEO, and for 25 USD as the starting price on the secondary market, which is 25% of the estimated value.

The prices of copper, from which our copper powder is produced, are on the market significantly higher than 7 years ago, and currently the price of copper is at the highest historical levels.

The quality of ultrafine copper powder does not decrease with years, so it makes no sense to make new estimates. Especially not on the claim that it should be done every year or 6 months, just to make certain people earn big money on estimates.

The production of copper powder is extremely expensive and there is no possibility of it being cheap due to the fact that 1 gram requires between 100 and 250 kg of copper, with many additional very expensive additives, while production is done in very expensive and rare laboratories.

The price of production depends on the quantity, but it does not change according to the nebulous claims of certain people who lobby for banks in order to buy it cheaply and store it in their vaults.

We do not sell our copper powder and we will never sell it, it is only and exclusively a guarantee of value. We pay 22,000 euros a month for it to be kept in accordance with the guidelines of our security advisers.

CUC is a crypto commodity coin that in itself has a great value in relation to the above mentioned, and ultrafine copper powder only further preserves this value in the future.
Therefore, do not believe the various stories that have absolutely no basis, but are exclusively created to harm my, our top project Cuprum Coin, one of the largest ever crypto projects so far. We are huge, we are strong, we are serious, we are very valuable and we will prove it in the market soon. There are few crypto coins that can compete with us at all, everything else will remain in the dust behind us.

Just a little more patience and we are LIVE, I guarantee you personally.

With respect,

Mario Urlić

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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