A few words from our CEO, Mario Urlic

Dear investors and CUC fans,

The entire team, starting with me as the leader, from our development team, to the technical teams of the crypto exchange, is trying to ensure that the best possible crypto project is perfect before launch. I personally work day and night, adjusting everything to make CUC as valuable as possible before launching into the market.

As the CEO and first man of this project, I take all possible aspects, from macroeconomic to market technical, to ensure us the best possible starting position. I know that many of you are impatient, but with my experience of 18 years, in all markets of the world, I know what is best for you. I don’t care about the price of CUC, whether it will be higher or lower, but I know that it is very important for you. Therefore, I try to prepare everything to make it higher, to make CUC important, desirable, as valuable as possible long-term, with great prospects in the future.

During the pre-sale, I gave you the opportunity to enter at an extremely low price in relation to the value, and although I recently fundamentally doubled the value of the CUC, I left the prices for the IEO and secondary placement on the market the same. Exclusively because of the desire for you, small investors, to earn the most at our CUC. I don’t know if you know that all the speculative markets, be it stock, forex, crypto, are ruthless for small investors, where about 90% of small investors lose money. I experienced that in every market when I started and I didn’t have anyone to save me from it. Therefore, I have an obligation to try to protect you, the first investors in our CUC, as much as possible and reward you for the trust you have given us. 

However, if the desire of an investor is that we are unprepared to enter the market as soon as possible, at the wrong time that can affect CUC in the long run, we will not endanger our CUC. It is clear to everyone that the deadlines have been moved, but no deadline has been moved for no reason. They are mostly shifted to make the project as perfect as possible, which we have explained in detail so far. 

True, my wish was to enter the market as soon as possible after the pre-sale, but I can say that I was rash in the decisions I made in the beginning. I was too optimistic. There are a lot of aspects here that don’t depend on me, and to be honest, all the bad things that happened on my project happened to make it as good as possible in the future. 

The integration of CUC is very specific compared to ordinary tokens and we ourselves did not expect so many problems that we had along the way. As I mentioned before, I know that my development team was not up to this great project and task in the beginning. Now I see it. But they are really trying to provide crypto exchanges with everything they need along the way, and I am sure we met all the technical requirements on May 20, with the latest version of the technical documentation, which we prepared according to the specific requirements of the exchanges. We are currently solving only minor issues and expect confirmation of successful integration by the exchanges.

I am sure that what I have made and prepared in the past few months will bring you all a profit, and how much it will be will depend solely on you. I know that everyone wants a listing date and it will be announced as soon as the exchanges confirm the successful integration, and as soon as we coordinate the launch of CUC with all exchanges together. I’m sure we’ve never been closer.

Also, a reward of an additional 10% CUC to all buyers from the presale is in the process and completion will be announced in the next few days.

You must also know that in recent months I have struggled with all possible attempts at fraud, some of which have hurt us. But no one can take me back because of what I went through in my life, from the war in which I participated in the first lines of defense as a young man 30 years ago, to all the possible jobs, ups and downs in my career. There are many who are trying to weaken us, as well as belittle such a strong and important, extremely valuable crypto project. But now they know it will never work. I never surrender and we will succeed.

That’s why, be healthy with confidence in us further. Because we are here to create the future of the cryptocurrency market. 

Love you all.

Mario Urlić

CEO Cuprum Coin, The Cyrptocurrency of the Future

2 thoughts on “A few words from our CEO, Mario Urlic

  1. I agree with you, at this moment it’s better to enter the market slowly and in the best way even with a few months delay. Best regards.

  2. I trust that the project will be able to go forward and will be a success.
    Much encouragement from Spain

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