During the last week, we received a request to list CUC on 5 new exchanges

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After the Bitforex exchange announced the listing of CUC on the market, we received 5 new requests from exchanges to list CUC with them during the last week. We are impressed by the interest in our project – especially by the top 10 exchanges, who called the project interesting and prospective. At this moment, we cannot reveal the names before signing the contract and completing the integration.
However, considering that we are still working on integrating the signed exchanges, our first partners, we arranged all the exchanges in order. We will do the same with all the new incoming requests.
We are proud to have generated such immediate interest and will do our best to accelerate the listing immediately after the market launch.
Given that we have removed all the difficulties, arranged the technical documentation to the end, and performed all the tests, future integrations should not last more than 7 to 10 days per exchange.

We are looking forward to the launch of the IEO on August 8 and secondary placement on August 16.

We will publish all the details as soon as they’re realized.

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