Today at midnight we will close a special offer for our loyal users, take advantage of the opportunity

As we announced in our offer, you can still take advantage of this offer until midnight August 10, today.

The offer is closed on August 10th at midnight.

We are sure that CUC will become a serious player in the cryptocurrency market and has a great long-term perspective.

Daily listing offers from new major exchanges confirm the potential. We will slowly reveal the names of the exchanges as we sort out the priority listings and after signing the contract. We started receiving daily offers for cooperation from various investors, marketing agencies, and the media.

Hold CUC, keep it because Cuprum Coin is the cryptocurrency of the future.
This start on the first exchanges is just the beginning of a big story; the potential is huge.

The IEO offer is going slowly, as we imagined, and as we have already pointed out, our goal is not to sell too many CUCs simultaneously. That’s why we determined that it lasts only 7 days. For this reason, we also intentionally launched IEO only on one smaller exchange.

The important thing is that we finally came to the market and are LIVE. Serious and professional market creation is ahead of us, and we are working on it 24 hours a day. Results will be seen weekly or even daily now that we have started.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future.

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