Cuprum Coin, one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, launched via an IEO offering on the Bitforex exchange

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PR: By Bitcoinist, August 11, 14:20h

On October 08th 2021 Cuprum Coin s.l.l.c. launched the successful pre-sale phase of its commodity-backed cryptocurrency, with an underlying asset worth over US$60 Billion. Yesterday, August 8, CUC was listed on the Bitforex exchange.

Out of the planned 250,000 coins in the presale, the company sold 273,811 coins for 10 U.S. dollars per 1 CUC and generated huge interest from the crypto community.

Although the IEO was announced earlier, the market launch was delayed to refine the project to perfection before the launch, and the team succeeded in that. Cuprum Coin is unique in several segments. It has its own native blockchain, built on the principle and network of Tezos, an eco-friendly network that uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) instead of Proof-of-Work. CUC is an altcoin without a mining capability. It has its own Blockchain Explorer and technical advantages over Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many leading cryptocurrencies on the market.

This induces advanced features like transactional speed throughput, consensus mechanism, governance structure, and a low transaction fee. Behind the project, CUC has an underlying specific rare asset worth more than $60 billion.

Cuprum Coin team signed listings with 5 exchanges by February; Dextrade, Bitforex, Alterdice, WhiteBIT, and Latoken. Bitforex exchange launched an IEO on August 8, while Bitforex and WhiteBIT exchanges will place secondary listings on August 16. The team is collaborating with one of the world’s leading Market Makers to ensure the project’s long-term sustainability.

While preparing to list on 3 more exchanges, the Cuprum Coin team says that they receive new listing requests every day, and since the announcement a few days ago, they have received 8 new requests, including 2 from the Top 10 and 3 from the Top 20 exchanges. Following the strategy, listing on all exchanges will follow individually every few weeks on a new exchange after the secondary listing.

A few days ago, we were hit by the sudden unfortunate news of the death of our member, Mr. Alfred Freh, who participated in the creation of the project with me from the very beginning. Therefore, I want this launch, which he awaited with so much joy, to be in his honor.” stated Mario Urlić, Cuprum Coin CEO and founder.

Although listing with 3 pairs has been signed with all exchanges; CUC/BTC, CUC/ETH, CUC/USDT, the launch through IEO started only with the CUC/USDT pair, and it will be the same with the secondary placement. After listing and creating liquidity, CUC/BTC and CUC/ETH pairs will be added.

The Cuprum Coin team, together with exchanges and market makers, wants to create a market slowly and stably due to the long-term nature of the project and to avoid possible pump and dump schemes by crypto communities.

Although it was planned to place 250,000 CUCs through the IEO, due to certain changes in plans, the amount was reduced to only 50,000 CUCs. So, hurry to the Bitforex exchange and secure your CUC in time at a preferential price of only 15 US dollars for 1 CUC.

The company notes that with all the technical advantages of the coin, behind 1 CUC stands the value of 200 U.S. dollars worth of ultrafine copper powder, one of the most valuable elements in the world. Cuprum Coin keeps more than 20 tons of the ultrafine CuPowder worth over 60 Billion U.S.dollars in high-security facilities in Germany and intends to buy additional quantities in order to further ensure the value in the long term.

Visit the official Cuprum Coin News and PR website for more information.

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