The CUC IEO offer is closed

Dear fans of Cuprum Coin,

The IEO offer closed at noon.

In short, 3065.2492 CUCs were sold, and we can say that we are satisfied with the fact that we have finally touched the market.

Are we satisfied with the sale? While we expected a slightly larger number, we are not surprised as we knew the capacity of the Bitforex exchange from previous IEO offers.

We announced the IEO a few days before without any significant marketing, went with only one exchange for the IEO, and determined only 7 days for the same. Our goal was to sell a smaller number of CUCs in the offer to create a secondary market more easily later on.

In terms of capital, we raised enough in the pre-sale to prepare the listing on the secondary market and bring the project to this very important milestone.

From noon you can no longer see the CUC/USDT chart on the Bitforex exchange until tomorrow at 09:00 (CET), when regular trading starts.

Everything is ready for tomorrow, and we are also waiting for an announcement from the WhiteBIT exchange.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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