CUC placement on the secondary market; Bitforex August 16, 09:00 AM (CET), WhiteBIT is postponed for August 22, 09:30 AM (CET)

futuristic spaceship in orbit of the planet Mars, shuttle mission to the red planet (3d science fiction illustration, elements of this image are furnished by NASA)

Dear fans of Cuprum Coin,

We are happy to announce the launch of our CUC on the secondary market.
It has been prepared that CUC/USDT will start trading today at 09:00 AM (CET) on the Bitforex exchange, and on (EDIT: 09:32 AM) August 22, at 09:30 AM (CET ) on the WhiteBIT exchange (We will post news and a link when it starts).

All details and rules from the Bitforex exchange have been announced, and you can find them here, and as for the WhiteBIT exchange, we are still waiting for the same.

Follow our news; we will announce all the details soon and post the links here.

We want to emphasize that we dedicate the launch of CUC to our dear friend, the prematurely deceased member of the Cuprum Coin team, Mr. Alfred Freh. RIP

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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