Bitforex opened deposits for CUC at 09:00 AM (CET), we will start approving withdrawals during the day

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Dear users, fans of our Cuprum Coin,

As planned, the Bitforex exchange opened deposits for CUC at 09:00 AM (CET). Considering that until now our users have not been able to transfer CUC anywhere, and that this will be the first withdrawal of CUC from your wallets, during the day we will first test the withdrawals and then start approving your orders.

Setup and testing may also cause interruptions to the website and system, so please be patient if this occurs.

Considering that the demand/purchase on the Bitforex exchange is still very weak, we will approve the withdrawal of CUC in accordance with the rules, in a way that does not endanger the creation of the market. Please read all the details and rules on our Support/FAQ page.

NOTICE! Since everything is explained in detail, please do not send us emails with questions that have correct answers, because our support team will not answer those questions.

NOTICE! All withdrawal orders opened before 09:00 AM (CET) will be rejected!

We believe in the understanding of our presale users, and we want you to understand that this is only the first small exchange and the creation of the CUC price and demand. It is currently not easy to sell CUC at a good price, especially in larger quantities. Therefore, we urge you to be patient, wait for CUC to be listed on the major exchanges, when a greater demand should be created, and therefore a much better price in the coming weeks and months.

We are not going to suggest you what price to sell, as far as we are concerned, the short term price means nothing to us, you can sell CUC for 1 USDT as far as we are concerned, but we hope that your common sense will prevail and that you understand the importance of the long term sustainability of the project and thus much higher possible prices than the current one.

As we announced yesterday, on Monday CUC will also start trading on the WhiteBIT exchange, followed by Dextrade, Alterdice, and a lot of other exchanges from the Top10 ranking.

CUPRUM COIN, Thy Crytocurrency of the Future

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