Our technical team was unable to provide secure transactions for Bitforex, CUC withdrawal approval starts tomorrow morning

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Dear users and fans of Cuprum Coin,

Although we have tried so far to ensure that your transactions and deposits to Bitforex from the Cuprum Coin dashboard go safely, our technical team could not complete the assigned task. We were promised that everything would be ready tomorrow morning, August 20, when our internal team will start approving all pending CUC withdrawals/deposits.

We apologize and ask for your understanding because our goal is not to delay but to have CUC from our users on the market sooner, with maximum transaction security.

As you know, CUC is already on the Bitforex exchange and WhiteBIT ready for Monday, August 22, so that the operation and security of our Blockchain and the entire system are unquestionable.

The only problem was securing the operation; CUC dashboard (users) > CUC explorer > The Exchange, but ultimately it is unquestionable that it will also be ready tomorrow during the day. Until Bitforex opened deposits, we couldn’t even prepare the system for that, although we don’t want to justify our technical team too much. It should have been ready today, but it wasn’t.

Tomorrow, we will resume operations, and your CUC will be available in your Bitforex wallets. We will not cancel your open orders but only confirm them tomorrow, as soon as possible.

Please, read the terms on our Support/FAQ page

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