Cuprum Coin ‘CUC’ is listed on the analytics website Coinranking

Cuprum Coin and Coinranking analytic cryptocurrency website.

Dear users and fasn of Cuprum Coin,

We’re happy to see our CUC listed on one more analitical website, Coinranking.

Although we have only been on the exchange for a month and a half, we can say that slowly but surely the news about our CUC is spreading everywhere, through various channels.
Given that we expect official rank and market capitalization, we believe that CUC will slowly become attractive to various communities, as well as investors, retail and professional.
We are working 24/7 to make our Cuprum Coin reach the right trading volume and to be accepted by the wider crypto community.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

2 thoughts on “Cuprum Coin ‘CUC’ is listed on the analytics website Coinranking

  1. With 2 exchanges and one suspended, you have to work hard to be among the top 5,000. get your batteries from the launch everything is problems. without forgetting the pre-sale deception. so trust in cuc the Fair.

    1. Dear Tony, thank you for your comment. We did what’s right, as this issue on Bitforex is huge and it provides a manipulation for a 3rd party. It has nothing to do with Cuprum Coin, it’s their fault. As for the ranking, let’s wait the official data for a few more days.

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