At our request, trading of CUC/USDT on the Bitforex exchange has been suspended until furder notice

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Dear users,

As we wrote yesterday, due to an error on the Bitforex exchange, and due to the impossibility of correcting it, we requested the suspension of trading until further notice.

The Bitforex exchange says that the system update will be around October 10, so we will inform you about the continuation.

NOTICE! The trading system will cancel all CUC spot pending orders from the spot market, and the user’s funds will be returned to their spot account in full amount.

The suspension of trading does not affect deposits, so you can continue to withdraw CUC from the platform to Bitforex if you wish.

We will inform you about the resumption of trading as soon as the problem is resolved.

Thank you for your understanding.

In the meantime, CUC/USDT trading continues regularly on the WhiteBIT exchange.

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